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Pure FPGA Market Data Solutions


Overview of NovaLink


NovaLink is NovaSparks’ response to banks and trading firms who are planning to develop generic full FPGA tick-to-trade systems.

NovaLink enables banks and trading firms to leverage NovaSparks' extensive catalog of feed-handlers when designing their full FPGA tick-to-trade systems. This in turns allows the trading firms to concentrate their FPGA team resources on the development of their trading strategies and order execution components, resulting in significant reduction of the overall cost of development and time to market.

By using NovaLink, trading firms can now implement advanced strategies covering thousands of instruments across markets and asset classes, that would not fit on a single chip design.

NovaLink extends the data processing pipe of NovaTick inside the customer trading FPGA. To use a software analogy, NovaLink offers a normalized “hardware based API” IP core common to all the feeds. Like any normalized software API, once the integration is done for one feed, it is done for all the feeds. NovaLink sends the feed updates (book, status, trade, auction…) coming from the markets to the trading FPGA.


NovaLink interfaces with both Altera’s and Xilinx’s FPGAs and is available in several different options. Average latency with NovaLink is 750ns, measured from the wire on the market side to the trading firm’s FPGA. NovaLink complements the existing 10Gig Ethernet Multicast and PCIe DMA distribution options already available on the NovaTick appliance.



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