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Pure FPGA Market Data Solutions

Introducing NovaTick

Introducing NovaTick

NovaTick™: A new paradigm for pure FPGA feed handlers

NovaTick is the latest generation Ticker Plant developed by NovaSparks. NovaTick is a fully integrated ticker plant solution targeting the most demanding customers unwilling to compromise speed and determinism, for scalability and functionality.

Like the previous NovaSparks feed handler solutions, NovaTick relies on four architectural pillars that have made NovaSparks unique:

  • A pure FPGA approach to manage all the latency sensitive parts when accessing to the market data
  • A scalable FPGA matrix architecture
  • An easy to deploy and modular 2U appliance
  • An extensive fan-out capability

Compared to its predecessor, NovaTick delivers even lower latency while offering four times the capacity in terms of number of instruments and five times the performance in terms of input/output bandwidth.

NovaSparks’ platform is built on one of the largest FPGA chips yielding the lowest possible latency and accommodating the highest number of instruments. The pure FPGA matrix architecture is augmented with tightly integrated multi-core Intel processors to support non-latency sensitive tasks such as exchange recovery functions.

All markets supported by the previous generation of NovaSparks feed handlers have been ported to NovaTick. Priority can be changed based on customer demand.

NovaTick also integrates the recovery service offered by most exchanges. Users can start trading in the middle of the day without taking the risk of not being updated on instruments which were moderately traded before the catch up.

Key Advantages

  • NovaTick is the first pure FPGA Ticker Plant offering the same features found in software Ticker Plants
  • NovaTick provides a significant capacity and performance boost over the previous NovaSparks feed handler generations
  • NovaTick supports more than 60 market feeds and provide all the major functionalities and interfaces required for a Ticker Plant to be easily integrated in a low latency trading infrastructure

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