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Pure FPGA Market Data Solutions

Feed Coverage

Feed Coverage

Feed Coverage

NovaSparks’ ultra-low latency Ticker Plants are based on a powerful and pure FPGA architecture that has unmatched speed and determinism, making them an essential component of any trading infrastructure. The output of NovaSparks solutions is normalized into a format readily consumable in SW or HW thanks to the NovaSparks SW or HW API.

NovaSparks supports more than 60 market feeds across asset classes and geographies, a unique coverage among the true FPGA market data solution vendors. NovaSparks supports the major Cash Equities, Futures and Options feeds in the US (NASDAQ, BATS, NYSE, CME, CBOE,...), Canada (TMX, CHI-X,...) , Europe (EUREX, LSE, BATS, EURONEXT,...) and Asia (JPX, CHI-X, ASX, HKEX,...).

Our feed handlers can manage between 8K to 128K instruments per FPGA depending on the feed type - MBL/MBO - and the asset class. Up to 4 FPGA boards can be stacked in NovaTick Appliance.

NovaSparks market feed coverage is constantly growing. The company is committed to broaden its market coverage across asset classes and geographies and keep its strategic focus on creating innovative solutions for market data access applications.

Trading firms can obtain a detailed and up-to-date list of the NovaSparks feed coverage by contacting NovaSparks using the link below.

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