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Pure FPGA Market Data Solutions

About Us

NovaSparks History

2007 Company founded as HPC Platform

2008 to 2009

R&D invents and develops the first pure FPGA data feed handler solution available on the market
2009 H2 NovaSparks signs its first contract with a major Tier 1 investment bank

2010 H1

First round of funding with Partech International

2010 H2

NovaSparks expands market coverage to 7 feed handlers

2011 H1

Novasparks opens office in New York

2011 H1

Novasparks announces its second generation platform for pure FPGA market data feed handlers, offering more capacity and lower deterministic latency

2011 H2

NovaSparks rolls-out its second generation product through Europe and the US and expands its market data coverage to 12 feed handlers globally

2012 H1

Record breaking quarter with client adoption driving an exponential growth for the company
2012 H2
NovaSparks announces the first pure FPGA order book builder, offering unprecedented low latency and deterministic performance
2013 H1 NovaSparks reaches another milestone with 20 major equity and future feed handlers now available
2013 H2 NovaSparks consolidates ten market data feed handlers for a large investment bank
2014 H1 NovaSparks accelerates its market data coverage by supporting 30 FPGA feed handlers

2014 H2

NovaSparks unveils NovaTick, a new paradigm for pure FPGA feed handlers

2015 H2

NovaTick supports the 11 US equities protected markets

2016 H1

NovaLink allows customers to consume market data directly in FPGAs

2016 H2

NovaSparks accelerates its market data coverage by supporting 50 market data feeds

2017 H1

NovaTick voted best Hardware Feed Handler by the Financial Industry

2017 H2

Novasparks introduced "U.S. Equities in box" Solution

2018 H1

NovaSparks wins the ITT award in the “Best High performance hardware data feed handler” category for the second year in a row.

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